The King Is Dead

Let’s try this blogging things once more. By now it’s so extremely unhip that it’s bound to make a comeback sooner or later and then I will be well positioned to be the, whatever.

As a way to break out of my day to day job in the tech industry and rediscover my old passion for writing I’m starting this blog, for completely selfish reasons and with no plan to actually promote it in any way.

Why English and not Swedish? I am not entirely sure and will definitely come back to try to unpackage the underlying reasoning sooner or later. For now, I’ll start this thing of with some ambitions for the new years, and choosing to believe that speaking it will make it happen.

My ambition for 2017 consists of;

  • Writing blog posts at least weekly. I don’t care for the quality or topic, just that I do it
  • Keep building upon my closest friendships and actively make sure to meet people
  • Reading at least one paperback book a month that is not Fantasy or Technical
    literature, compiling a list of twelve books will be the topic for next post
  • Move to a new city, I need to change things up in order not to go stale
  • Complete the Coursera Classes I’ve set out to complete
  • Get at least one hobby programming project up online

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